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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

All Tenses - Brief Review

All tense forms are reviewed once again in this post. After this post, we will move on to direct and indirect speech lessons. Even though we have seen lessons on each tense form of present, past and future types, we will see each of them in brief for the readers memory. In the present tense types, AM, IS, ARE, HAS and HAVE are the auxiliary verbs that support verb in each word. In SIMPLE PRESENT tense verbs are supported by DO and DOES. Present continuous auxiliaries are AM, IS and ARE. Present perfect tense auxiliaries are HAS and HAVE. Present perfect continuous tense carry HAS BEEN and HAVE BEEN with their verbs. CAN, COULD, MAY, MIGHT, NEED, OUGHT TO, KEEP, DARE, USED TO, GOING TO, SHOULD, WOULD, MUST are present tense universal auxiliaries.

In the past tense types, past tense is denoted by adding WAS, WERE and HAD with verbs. DID is used to denote simple past tense. WAS and WERE used to denote past continuous tenses. HAD for past perfect tense and HAD BEEN for past perfect continuous tense. Past universal auxiliaries are KEEP, KEPT, MIGHT, WOULD, COULD and USED TO.

In the future tense types, WILL and SHALL are added to future sentences. WILL BE and SHALL be are for future continuous tenses. WILL HAVE and SHALL HAVE for future perfect tenses. WILL HAVE BEEN and SHALL HAVE BEEN for future perfect continuous tenses. Universal auxiliaries for future tenses are COULD, KEEP, WOULD, USED TO and MIGHT. We can use WOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE, SHOULD HAVE, MIGHT HAVE, NEED HAVE, OUGHT TO HAVE, WAS GOING TO, WERE GOING TO, MUST HAVE and WOULD HAVE to denote future in the past tenses. 

In the next post, we will study about DIRECT and INDIRECT SPEECH. Okay. Come on.

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