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Friday, December 2, 2011

Medical Terminology for Ear - Lesson 283

In the prior lesson, we have been introduced to the new ear medical terminology of a few important words. In this lesson also we will learn a few more imporant medical terminology for ear, such as, ossicle, oval window, perilymph, pinna, saccule, semicircular canals, stapes, tympanic membrane, and utricle. Learners should memorize these terms after reading the lesson and so it will be remembered while doing medical transcription files on a day-to-day basis.

Utricle and Saccule:   These are the two vertebrate parts of the inner ear. The other name of the utricle is utriculus. Saccule acts as a bed of sensory cells in the inside of the ear. Saccule interprets movements of the head into neural pulses while the up and down movements. Both utricle and saccule work as balancing organs.

Definition of Tympanic Membrane:  Tympanic membrane is an organ that splits the outer ear from the middle ear. The other name of this is eardrum. It helps to pass the sound waves from the environment to the ossicle bones present in the middle ear.

Other Ear Medical Terminologies:  
Staples: This is the third ossicle bone of the middle ear. This bone looks like a stirrup. Stapes bone is attached via the incudostapedial join to the incus bone. 

Ossicle: This is a tiny bone. The other names of ossicle bones is auditory ossicles. They are three in number. These bones are present in the middle ear. Ossicles pass sound waves from the environment to the labyrinth or cochlea.

Perilymph: This is a liquid like material that present in the labyrinth of the inner ear. This is an extracellular fluid material that presents in the cochlea.

Pinna: The other name of this part of the ear is auricle. Pinna is the flap portion of the outer ear.

Semicirular Canals: These openings that are present in the innear ear and they are helpful in maintaining equilibrium.

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