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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sensory Organs - Eyes and Ears - Medical Terms - LESSON 267

In this lesson, we will learn about important medical terminologies related to eyes and ears. As a learner of free medical transcription course online, one should know about all these terminologies and this will be helpful in doing transcription files online. For every medical terminology, we should know the meaning and a related terminology to it and the meaning of it. In the day to day transcription jobs, every medical transcriptionist will hear these terminologies and so one should be very much familiar with these to be a successful medical transcriptionist. Now we will see about one by one. Okay. Come on.

The first terminology is aque/o, which means water. Aqueous humor is a fluid produced by the ciliary body found in the anterior and posterior chambers. The next one is blephar/o, which means eyelid. Blepharitis is a word that represents inflammation of the eyelid. The other one is conjunctiv/o, which means conjunctiva. Conjunctivitis is a word that means inflammation condition of the conjunctiva.

The next terminology is corne/o, which means cornea. Corneal ulcer is a term, which represents the ulcer of the cornea. The other term is cycl/o, which means ciliary body that is the muscle of the eyes. Cycloplegic means pertaining to ciliary muscle. The next one is dacry/o, which means tear drops. The other term, which means the same is lacrim/o, which also means tear glands. Dacryoadenitis is a word, which means inflammation of the tear glands.

The next important terminology is ir/o, which means iris that is the colored area of the eye, which surrounds the pupil. Iritis is a word that represents the inflammation of the iris. Kerat/o is a term, which means cornea. Keratitis represents inflammation of the cornea. Lacrim/o means tears. Lacrimal is a word, which pertains to the tear glands. Ocul/o means eye. Intraocular is a word that pertains to within eyes.

The next lesson will continue this lesson.

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