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Sunday, January 24, 2010


1. -gram means record
Angiogram-Record or visual examination of vessels.
Hysterosalpingogram Record of uterus or fallopian tubes.
Myelogram is the record of spine i.e. bone marrow (Bone marrow).
Pyelogram is the record of renal pelvis.
2. -graphy means process of.
Computed tomography is the computerised recording axial images of the body organs.
3. -lucent means to shine.
Radiolucent means indicating x-rays pass through easily i.e. complete transparent to x-rays or other forms of radiation.
4. -opaque means obscure.
Radiopaque is the indication of something that does not allow x-rays to penetrate.
5. -supression means to stop.
Myelosuppression is the hush-u of bone marrow from normal functions.
6. -therapy means treatment.
Radiotherapy is the treatment using x-rays of radiation.

1. brachy- means short.
Brachytherapy is the treatment method of using radiation from short distances.
2. cine- means movement.
Cineradiography is the visual examination of cancer using radioistopes in motion.
3. echo- means repeated.
Echocardiography is the visual examination of repeated sounds of the heart.
4. inter- means between.
Interstitial therapy is the method of using radio isotopes for therapy by placing them in between tumors.
5. intra- means within.
Intracavitary is the placement of anything within a body cavity.
6. ultra- means beyond.
Ultrasonography is the visual examination using ultra sound waves.

In the next post we will learn about important radiological abbreviation. Okay.

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