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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Now in this post we would learn about the remaining part of formation of bones.

This Ossification is also called Osteogenesis which is the process of laying down new bone material by cells. Intramembranous ossification involves primitive connective tissue called mesenchyme, while endochondral ossification involves cartilage as a precursor. In most of the fracture, endochondral osteogenesis the most commonly occurring process healing can be done for the long bones which is treated by plaster of paris.

Then what is intramembranous ossification?

This ossification mainly occurs during formation of the flat bones of the skull but also the mandible, maxilla, and clavicles.

Then what is Endochondral ossification?

This ossification occurs in long bones and most of the rest of the bones in the body. An initial hyaline cartilage which continues to grow is involved.

 Not only are calcium and phosphorous part of the hard structure of bone tissue but calcium is also stored in bones and small quantities are present in the blood. Nerve fibers are unable to transmit impulses effectively to muslces if the proper amount of calcium is lacking in the blood. These hart muscle becomes weak, and muscles attached to bones undergo spasms.

The sufficient level of calcium in the blood is maintained by the parathyroid gland that secretes a hormone to release calcium from bone storage. More of the hormone is caused by tumor or other pathological process will increase blood calcium at the expense of the bones, which become so weak by the loss of calcium.

The growth in the length of the bones continues until the age of 25. The full length of bone is attained by the main deposition of calcium on the epiphyses.

 In the next lesson we will learn about the structure of the bone.


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