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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In this lesson we will learn about the Combining forms, Prefixes and Terminology
Combining form -> Meaning -> Terminology
1. aer/o means air - aerosol means particles of solution in air suspended.
2. aiges/o means sensitivity to pain - analgesic means without sensitivity to pain.
3. bronch/o means bronchial tube - agents which expands bronchial tubes - bronchodilator.
( Theophylline is as smooth muscle relaxtant used to treat asthma, emphysema and
Chronic bronchitis)
4. chem/o means drug - chemotherapy means treatment using drugs.
5. cras/o means mixture - idiosyncrasy means an abnormal unexpected
effect of a drug that is peculiar to an individual.
(idi/o means individual, peculiar, syn- means together)
6. cutane/o means skin - subcutaneous means under the skin.
7. derm/o means skin - hypodermic means also under the skin.
8. erg/o means work - synergism means condition of working.
9. esthes/o means feeling, sensation - anesthesia means without sensation of histamine.
10. hist/o means tissue - antihistamine means against more production.
(Histamine means a substance present in all body tissues which causes capillary dilation and gastric acid secretion and constricts bronchial tube)
11. hypn/o means sleep - hypnotic which means pertaining to sleep.
12. latr/o means treatment - latrogenic which means side effect of treatment.
13. lingu/o means tongue - sublingual which means under the tongue.
14. myc/o means mold, fungus - erythromycin which means effective against many Gram-positive bacteria and some Gram-negative.
15. narc/o means stupor - narcotic which means pertaining to stupor.
16. pharmac/o means drug - pharmacology means study of drugs.
17. prurit/o means itching - antipruritic which is against itching.
18. pyret/o means fever - antipyretic which means against fever.
19. thec/o means sheath - intrathecal which means within the sheath.
(Sheath means 'brain and spinal cord)
In the next post we would learn about Vitamins and their source in food and the remaining combining forms. Okay.
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