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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Medical Term for Ears - Lesson 281

In this post, we are going to learn about medical term for ears. I am going to provide a list of vocabularies related to the sensory organ ear and it will provide you support to know about new medical terminologies. The meanings of each medical term is given as short definitions for your easy understanding. In everyday medical transcriptionist life, you could hear these terminologies when you do practice or live files from physicians.

Anatomical Vocabulary: In this lesson of medical term for ears, we will see the meanings of what is auditory meatus, auditory canal, auditory tube, auditory nerve fibers, auricle, cochlea, and cerumen. The rest of the medical terminologies related to the sensory organ ear will be included in the next lesson next week. Now we will see the meanings one by one. Okay.

Medical Terms and Meanings: 
Auditory Meatus:  Each ear consisits of internal auditory meatus and external auditory meatus. External auditory meatus is a tube in the ear that runs from the external ear to middle ear. The approximate length of this tube is 35 mm and diameter is 5 to 10 mm.

Auditory Canal: The other name of auditory meatus is auditory canal.

Auditory Nerve Fibers: These are a collection of nerve fibers. These auditory nerve fibers are helpful in communicating the sounds to the brain from cochlea.

Auricle: It is a word derived from a latin word auricula. This is the flap part of the ear. Auricle extends outside from the head. The other name of auricle is pinna.

Cochlea: This is a part of hearing in the inner ear. Cochlea is a cavity of spherically shaped bone like structure or bony labyrinth. Cochlea is a tube-like structure that consists of sensory receptor cells inside of it.

Cerumen: This is a wax like material present inside the ears. This wax is produced by the external ear. The other name of cerumen is ear wax.

This lesson of Medical Term for Ears will continue in the next lesson.

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