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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cancer - A brief introduction

Cancer is a fatal disease of growth enlargement of malignant cells inside the body.  Because cancer is a state, in which cells of the body start to breed its offsprings disorderly. 

In ancient times, cancers felt as distended blood vessels due to the tumor or mass inside the body.  The growth of these cells symbolize to the claws of a crab in its appearance.  

The cancer cells nurture quickly and so spread gradually to other cells adjacent to those cells.  Therefore, these cells enter by force to the other cells nearby and enter from one organ to other organs gradually.  This process of spreading is known as metastasis or spread of the cancer. 

Over the centuries the understanding of this fatal disease condition erstwhile steadily grown in the medical field.  Occurrence of cancer is ever increasing in on the whole parts of the world day by day.  Millions of people die with cancer all over the world year by year.  The percentage of death rate is also mounting.

Causes of cancer:

The primary reason for the occurrences of cancer are smoking, various chemical substances usage, air contamination, and the entry of pesticides used in agriculture inside the body etc.

Types of cancer:

In general, cancer affects all the body cells without difference, but mostly affect the breasts as breast cancer, lungs as lung cancer due to heavy smoking and other reasons, prostate gland as prostate cancer, colon as colon cancer, bladder as bladder cancer, and the womb as uterus caner.

Treatment methods for cancer:

1.  Surgery.
2.  Chemotherapy.
3.  Radiotherapy.

How can we reduce the risk of cancer?

Avoiding smoking will reduce 50% of the risk of cancer. Regular exercises will reduce the risk of cancer generally.  Regular intake of vegetables and fruits also minimize the risk of cancer. 

Combating cancer is in a great deal an extensive difficulty, but before time recognition, healing procedures, rehabilitation therapy, and emotional issues encountered by a patient and the family can reduce the risks.  For the last two or three decades significant actions have been made to fight against cancer worldwide.  In short, the knowledge of spread of cancer is the first step towards fighting against cancer.

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