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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In this lesson we came to learn about the remaining psychiatric symptoms.
1. Amnesia: It deals with loss of memory.
2. Anxiety:- This deals with apprehension, uneasiness or dread often accompanied by palpitations, tightness in the chest, choking sensations and breathlessness.
3. Apathy:- In this emotions not present, it also deals with lack of interest or emotional involvement.
4. Autism:- More lack of responsiveness to others, preoccupation with deep thoughts; withdrawal and retarded language development.
5. Compulsion:- It deals with uncontrollable urge to perform the action repeatedly
6. Conversion:- For blindness, deafness, or paralysis none of which have an organic basis, the anxiety becomes a bodily symptom.
7. Delusion:- By logical reasoning or evidence a fixed false belief cannot be changed.
8. Dissociation:- From the real object uncomfortable feelings are separated. Avoidance of mental distress the feelings are redirected toward a second object or behaviour pattern.
9. Dysphoria:- It deals with sadness, depressive mood, hopelessness.
10. Euphoria:- For a well-being the exaggerated feeling.
11. Hallucination:- The sensory perception is not real, for example; hearing voices when none is present; an illusion is a false perception of an actual sensor, stimulus.
12. Labile:- The change which is not stable and undergoing rapid emotional.
13. Mania:- The state of action in which excessive excitability, hyperactivity and agitation.
14. Mutism:- It is a nonreactive state.
15. Obsession:- The action which is not voluntary, emotional, persistent or urge.
16. Paranoia:- The combination of the two like delusions of persecution or grandeur.

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