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Friday, July 19, 2013

Parts of Speech - Pronoun

What does a PRONOUN mean?
Pronoun is a word used to replace a noun. Each noun can be replaced by a pronoun.
Basically Pronouns are of seven-they are of:
1. I
2. WE
3. YOU
4. HE
5. SHE
6. IT

Every noun in English can be replaced by HE, SHE, IT, and THEY.

For example, HE can replace any singular male human in the world.

SHE can replace any singular female human, as well as IT will replace any inanimate object or thing. THEY can be used as a PLURAL noun for HE, SHE, and IT.

This universe consists of only three persons i.e. the person or persons who is (or) are speaking, and the person or persons who is (or) are spoken to. Got confused, don’t worry, I will clear it now.

The person or persons who is (or) are speaking i.e. I, WE, YOU (single or singular) and YOU (used for many or pleural), and the person or persons who is (or) are spoken to i.e. HE, SHE, IT, and THEY. Totally these are called in the name of PERSONAL PRONOUNS.

PURE PRONOUNS-I, WE, and YOU are pure pronouns because they do not represent any nouns.

From the above explanations we can come to a conclusion that,

I, We represent First Person

You, You represent Second Person

He, She, It, They represent Third Person

In the next lesson, we will see the continuation of the same lesson …okay.

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