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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Parts of Speech - Noun, Pronoun, Verb, and Adverb - A Medical Transcriptionist Must Know.

Grammar is very crucial in any language.  A medical transcriptionist must be well-versed in his language skills i.e. writing skills.  This unavoidable skill needs specialized knowledge in English grammar apart from strong listening skills and medical language skills, computer operating skills, and fast typing skills are of having secondary importance to be a successful medical transcription professional.

In this post, we will see about basic parts of speech in English, such as,
1.  NOUN.
3.  VERB.
4.  ADVERB. 
We will see about one by one now.

1.  Noun - A noun is used to denote a name of a person, animal, place, of a inhuman thing in the universe.  For example,
1.  John is a name that denotes a boy. 
2.  Dog is a name that specifies an animal.
3.  San Diego is mentioned to denote a place.
4.  Stone is denoted to specify an inhuman thing.
2.  Pronoun:  In a language, pronoun is used to specify any type of noun i.e. a person, thing, place, or a plant, animal etc.  For example, if John is specified in a sentence, the next time his name can be identified when uses HE as a pronoun.  In this way, HE, SHE, IT, I, YOU, WE, SOME, EACH, EITHER, NEITHER etc., are the pronouns used instead of a noun in a sentence, and so they are all collectively termed as PRONOUN.

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3.  Verb:  In a sentence, each ACTION part is identified by using VERB.  Action is nothing, but a condition of a subject in a sentence.  For example, run, go, come, read, hit etc.

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4.  Adverb:  An ADVERB is used in a sentence to change or modify an action or verb, or an adjective, or may be another adverb is called as adverb.  For example, swiftly (speedily), today, regularly, although, again etc.

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In the next post, we will see about other important Parts of Speech items, such as Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction, and Interjection. Okay.

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