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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In this post we are going to learn about more important musculoskeletal system vocabularies.  You should try to use a medical dictionary to know more about each of these words using diagrams.  This will make your learning process better to create an inner picture of each of these terms inside you permanently.  This will give you more proficiency of medical terms and this will help you to transcribe easily when a dictator dictates these terms in his live file when you start transcription file for training or for job.  This is my own experience.  Please try it out.

 1.  Fossa:  Shallow hole or cavity like opening in a bone.
2.  Haversian canals:  Minute or tiny openings packed with blood vessels found in compact bone.
3.  Malleolus:  Ring-shaped processes on both faces of the ankle joint.
4.  Mastoid process:  Spherical and round-shaped protrusion or bulge on the temporal bone at the back of the ear.
5.  Medullary cavity:  Innermost, middle, burrowing area in the shaft or tunnel of a long bone.
6.  Olecranon:  Large process outwardly appearing on the elbow.
7.  Osseous tissue:  Bone tissue.
8.  Ossification:  Process of bone development.
9.  Osteoblast:  Bone cell that aids to develop bone tissue.
10.  Osteoclast:  Bone cell that takes up and takes away or removes unnecessary or surplus bone tissue.
11.  Periosteum:  Membrane nearby bones.
12.  Phosphorous:  Mineral material originates in bones in blend with calcium.
13.  Pubic symphysis:  Area of union or fusion of the two pubic bones.  Pubic symphyses are united by a piece of fibrocartilage.  Sym- means together –physis means to grow.
14.  Red bon marrow:  This is found in the cancellous bone at the site of hemopoiesis.
15.  Sinus:  A hollow cavity inside a bone.
16.  Styloid process:  Pole-like process on the temporal bone.
17.  Sulcus:  Groove-like depression.
18.  Trabeculae:  Holding up collection of bony fibers in cancellous bone.
19.  Trochanter:  Bulky process beneath the neck of the femur.
20.  Tubercle:  A small and rounded process of a bone.
21.  Tuberosity:  A huge and rounded process of a bone.
22.  Vertebra:  This is the back bone that is made up of vertebral body, vertebral arch, spinous process, transverse processes, lamina, and neural canal.
23.  Xiphoid process:  This is a inferior and narrow portion of the sternum.
24.  Yellow bone marrow:  Fatty tissue found in the diaphysis are of long bones.

In the next post we will start to learn about important musculoskeletal system combining forms and suffixes.  Okay.

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