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Monday, January 11, 2010


In the next lesson we will learn some important medical terms related to radiology nuclear medicine. Okay.

1. Cobalit-60 - A radioactive material in radiotherapy.

2. Brachythrerapy- Brachy- means tiny-Radiation therapy using an implanted radioisotope radiation source.

3. Cineradiography- Employment of motion picture method to document a chain of x-ray representations.

4. Betatron-This is a machine employed in radiotherapy to distribute a prescribed amount of radiation to a patient.

5. External beam radiation - Relevant radiation is used as an outlying source.

6. CT scan or computed tomography - Investigative x-ray technique by which a cross-section representation of pictures taken of an exact portion of the body is documented.

7. Fluorescence - The production of blazing light that results from contact to and incorporation of radiation from x-rays.

8. Fluoroscopy - A fluorescent representation of x-rays taken on a screen.

9. Gray - A component of measurement of radiation quantity.

10. Gamma rays - A high-energy give off of beams discharged by radioactive materials.

Next lesson is the continuation of this lesson. Okay.

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