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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Bones of the Chest (Thorax), Pelvis (Hip), and Extremities (Hand and foot):

Thoracic or Chest Cavity Bones:

Thoracic bones consist of Clavicle, scapula, sternum, and rib bones.  Now we will see about each of these bones one by one.

1.  Clavicle:  The other name of clavicle is collar bone.  This bone is slender in structure.  These bones are two in number and on each side of the body.  Collar bone or clavicle attach the shoulder bone to the breastbone on each side of the body.

2.  Scapula:  This is called as shoulder bone.  This bone is triangular in structure.  Scapula is on each dorsal side of the body.  Acromion is an extension of the scapular bone.  Acromion joins the shoulder to the clavicle.  Acromion means shoulder joint.  (acr/o means joint or extremity and om/o means shoulder).

3.  Sternum:   The other name of the sternum bone is breastbone.  This bone is flat in structure.  Sternum bone is reaching down the midline of the chest.  The peak or topmost region of the breastbone articulates with the rib bones and the collar bone.  This bone also articulates with the inferior and slender segment.  Sternum or breastbone is joined to the abdominal muscles and diaphragm as well. Xiphoid process is the inferior or substandard region of the sternum bone.  Xiph/o means blade or sword.

4.  Rib bones or ribs:  These bones are 24 in number as 12 pairs on each side of the body.  The first 7 pairs of rib bones are called costal cartilages.  The other name of these pairs of rib bones are true ribs.  The 8 to 10 pairs of rib bones are called false ribs.  11 and 12 pairs of ribs are called floating ribs.

True ribs attach with the sternum in front of the body, as well in the back to the vertebral column.  False ribs attaché with the vertebral column in the hind.  False ribs attaché with the 7th forward rather than joining to the breastbone, and so they are called false ribs.  The rest of the 11 the and 12 th pairs are just drifting down freely and so they are called floating ribs.

In the next post, we will learn about Hand or Arm bones and Pelvic bones.  Okay.

Come on.

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