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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ear Medical Terminology - Lesson 282

In the free medical transcription course lessons, we are going to learn next about ear medical terminology words now. In the last lesson, we have learnt about auditory meatus, auditory nerve fibers, auricle, cochlea, and cerumen. In this lesson, we will learn about other ear medical terms, such as, endolymph, eustachian tube, malleus and incus bones, labyrinth, and organ of Corti.

Ear Vocabulary

Now we will see about endolymph and labyrinth and organ of Corti now in the lesson of ear medical terminology.

Endolymph: This is a fluid like material present in the labyrinth part of the ear. Endolymph is in the inner ear.

Labyrinth: In the inner ear, there are canal like structures. These canals contain other structures such as cochlea, saccule, utricle, and semicircular canals. Labyrinth looks like a maze.

Organ of Corti: This part of the inner ear is a sensitive receptor of sound waves. Organ of Corti is found in the cochlea.

Ear Ossicles: They are the smallest bones in the human body that are found in the middle ear. Ear ossicles act as auditory transmitters and they pass the sound waves to the environment to the cochlea.
Malleus and Incus:  Malleus is a hammer-like organ found in the middle ear. This is the first ossicle bone. Malleus is connected to the incus bone. Incus is the second ossicle bone attached to teh malleus and incus is attached to the ear drum in the inner ear. The other name of the incus bone is anvil.

Eustachian Tube in Ear:  This is a tube-like structure that connects the pharynx to the middle ear. The length of this tube is pproximately 35 millimeter. The new name of this tube is pharyngotympanic tube. This is an auditory tube. We have learnt some important ear medical terms now in the series of ear medical terminology.

Next lesson is the continuation of this post of ear medical terminologies. Okay.

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