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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Understand Medical Terminology - Lesson 330

Aims of learning the medical language

Medical transcriptionists are also called as medical language specialist or MLS, why because they should know everything about a medical term. Every MT should keep in mind how to analyze medical words by dividing them into its components, such as, PREFIX (word beginning), COMBINING VOWEL (the vowel O commonly joins one or two prefixes and suffixes), and SUFFIX (word ending component).

Each medical terms is a complex medical term. So, analyzing them by splitting them into its component is very much important to understand the meaning of the word. Each component of a medical word is unique one. This type of understanding is important to understand the meaning of each term, so that you can recognize each term.

By splitting each medical word, we do relate them and understand the structure of anatomy and function of the human body or any disease conditions etc. MTs should not try to just mug up the words to understand their meaning, it is totally an useless method. You should understand what is the real meaning of itself or what it terms about the human body. For example, encephalitis means encephal- means brain, and -itis means inflammation. It means inflammation of the brain. If we can understand each medical term by its components, we don't need to study them separately using any medical dictionaries.

All medical transcriptionists must not write any term with wrong spelling. Correct spelling is very very important thing in this profession, as all transcribed healthcare documents are considered as medicolegal documents. Some medical terms have the same pronounciation, but with different meanings. For example, ileum and ilium. In this example, ilium is a pelvic bone, as well as ileum is a segment of small intestine.

From the next lesson, we will learn how to analyze a medical word. Okay. Come on.

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