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Sunday, March 8, 2009


1. Amyl/o means starch-amylase is the enzyme digests starch.
2. Bil/i means bile or gall-bilary is pertaining to bile. Biliary tract consists of liver and gallbladder and the hepatic duct, cystic duct, and the common bile duct that secrete and empty the bile into the duodenum.
3. Bilirubin/o means bilirubin or bile pigment-hyperbilirubinemia is the excessive secretion of bilirubin in the blood.
4. Chol/e means gall or bile-cholelithiasis is the abnormal condition of stone in the bile.
5. Gluc/o means sugar or glucose-glucolysis the process of converting the stored glucose into energy.
6. Glycogen/o means glycogen or animal-glycogenolysis is the breaking down of glycogen.

7. Lith/o means stone-cholecystolithiasis is the abnormal condition of stone in the gallbladder.

8. Lip/o means fat-lipoma is the benign neoplasm of fat tissue consists of mature fat cells.

9. Sial/o means saliva or salivary-sialolith is the stone in the salivary glands.

10. Steat/o means fat-steatocystoma is the abnormal condition of cyst in the sebaceous gland cell walls.


1. –ase means enzyme-lipase is an enzyme digesting fat.

2. –chezia means excretion or defecation of undigested wastes-hematochezia is the excretion of blood in the feces.

3. –iasis means unhealthy or abnormal state. Trichiniasis is an abnormal condition due to ingestion of inadequately cooked pork.

4. –osis means unhealthy or abnormal state. Trichinosis is an abnormal condition due to ingestion of inadequately cooked pork.

5. –prandial means meal. Postprandial is pertaining to after meals.

In the next lesson we will learn about gastrointestinal disease conditions..ok
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1. Append/o means appendix-appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix.

2. An/o means anus-the opening between buttock cheeks by which the feces are excreted. Perianal means around the anus.

3. Bucc/o means cheek-the lateral of the mouth forms the side of the face. Buccal mucosa is the mucous area in the cheek.

4. Celi/o means abdomen or belly-celiac means concerning to abdomen.

5. Cheil/o means lips-cheilosis is the abnormal condition of lips.
6. Choledoch/o means common bile duct-choledochotomy is the incision of common bile duct.

7. Cholecyst/o means common gallbladder-cholecystectomy is surgical removal of gallbladder.

8. Col/o means large intestine or colon-colostomy is the opening in the colon.

9. Colon/o means colon-colonic means concerning to colon. Colonoscopy is the viewing process of the colon.

10. Dent/i means tooth dentibuccal means concerning to the teeth and cheek.

11. Duoden/o means duodenum. Duodenal is concerning to duodenum.

12. Esophag/o means esophagus-esophageal is concerning to esophagus.

13. Enter/o means intestines particularly small intestines enterocentesis is the surgical puncture of the intestine to remove the substances using a needle. Enterocholecystostomy is the surgically creating an opening between the intestine and the gallbladder.

14. Faci/o means face-facial is concerning to face.

15. Gloss/o means tongue-glossocele is the protrusion and swelling of the tongue, also called macroglossia.

16. Gingiv/o means gums of the teeth-gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums.

17. Gastr/o means stomach or abdomen-gastrocele is the hernia of a part of the stomach. Gastrochronorrhea is the nonstop undue secretion from the stomach.

18. Hepat/o means liver-hepatocarcinoma or hepatoma is the malignant tumor of the liver cells. Hepatomegaly is the enlargement of the liver.

19. Ile/o means ileum or the longest third portion of the small intestine-ileostomy is the surgical opening of the ileum. Ileitis if the inflammation of the ileum. Ileocecal sphincter is the valve at the opening of the cecum.

20. Jejun/o means jejunum or the portion of the small intestine between the duodenum and the ileum. Gastrojejunostomy is the opening between the stomach and jejunum.

21. Labi/o means lip-labial is concerning to lip.

22. Lapar/o means abdomen-laparoscopy is the process of viewing abdomen through an instrument.

23. Lingu/o means tongue-sublingual is concerning to below the tongue.

24. Mandibul/o means mandible or lower jaw-submandibular is concerning to below the lower jaw.

25. Or/o means mouth-oral is concerning to mouth.

26. Odont/o means tooth-orthodontist is a dentist who straighten the teeth. Periodontist is a dentist treating all the abnormal conditions of teeth.

27. Proct/o means anus and rectum-a proctologist is a specialist who treats anus and rectum.

28. Peritone/o means peritoneum or a thin layer covering the lines of the abdominal cavity and the most of the viscera in the abdomen. Peritonitis is the inflammation of the peritoneum.

29. Pharyng/o means pharynx or throat-pharyngeal is concerning to pharynx.

30. Pancreat/o means pancreas-pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas.

31. Palat/o means palate, which is dividing the nasal and oral cavities. Palatoplasty is a surgical repair of the palate.

32. Pylor/o means pyloric sphincter-pyloroplasty is the surgical repair of the pyloric sphincter.

33. Rect/o means rectum-rectolysis is the paralysis in the rectum makes feces incontinence.

34. Stomat/o means mouth-stomatitis is the inflammation of the mouth with ulcers.

35. Sigmoid/o means sigmoid colon-sigmoidoscopy is the visual examination of the sigmoid colon.

36. Sialaden/o means salivary gland-sialadenitis is the inflammation of the salivary gland.

In the next lesson we will learn more about gastrointestinal terms..ok

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