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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This lesson is the continuation of the lesson 146.
1. In vitro- A method of test or a technique in which something is appraised or monitored from the outer surface of living organism.
2. In vivo- A method of test or a technique in which something is appraised or monitored from within the living organism.
3. Irradiation- Dispensing radiation management of treatment to a patient.
4. MRI or magnetic resonance imaging- A magnetic ground with radio signals are used to outline sagittal, axial, and coronal pictures of the body.
5. Lethal- This is concerning to that which is poisonous, noxious, or fatal.
6. Interstitial Therapy- Radioisotopes are put in using a surgery into a tumor.
7. Interventional Radiology- Healing methods that are carried out by a radiologist.
8. Half-life- Time necessary for a radioactive material to be unable to find half of its radioactivity by breakdown.
9. Ionization- The partition of durable materials into electric or excited elements. These elements are called ions. This process is called ionization.
10. Linear accelerator- This is an equipment used to distribute radiation rehabilitation method.
Next lesson is the continuation of this lesson i.e. important medical terms related to radiology and nuclear medicine. Okay.
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