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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Psychiatric Therapies - Lesson 190

Now coming to the vocabulary of therapies used in psychiatry.
1. Amphetamines:- To treat depression the central nervous system stimulants may be used.
2. Behavior therapy:- To relieve anxiety and improve symptoms of illness that is changing or conditioning behavior patterns by training and repetition.
3. Electroconvulsive therapy:- In the treatment of depression the electric current is used to produce convulsions.
4. Family therapy:- To resolve and understand conflicts the treatment of an entire family can be done.
5. Free association:- The patient verbalizes without censorship the passing contents of his or her mind is a psychoanalytic technique.
6. Group therapy:- The similar problems gain insight into their personalities through discussion and interaction together of group of patients.
7. Hypnosis:- To increase the pace of psychotherapy trance is used or the state of altered consciousness is held.
8. Lithium:- The manic stage of manic-depressive illness of a substance is used.
9. Neuroleptic drug:- Any drug that favorably modifies psychotic symptoms. Examples are phenothiazines.
10. Phenothiazines:- The tranquilizers used to treat psychoses.
11. Playtherapy:- The treatment in which a child, through use of toys and playroom setting, expresses conflicts and feelings unable to be communicated in a direct manner.
12. Psychoanalysis:- The inner emotions and conflicts which explored by the patient to understand and change current behavior for the treatment.
13. Psychodrama:- Group therapy in which a patient expresses feelings by acting out roles with other patients.
14. Sedatives:- Drugs that lessen axiety.
15. Transference:- The psychoanalytic process which the patient relates to the therapist as he or she had to a prominent childhood figure.
16. Tricyclic antidepressants:- The drugs which are used to treat severe depression three-ringed fused structure.

In the next post we will try to learn some of the Combining forms, Suffixes and Prefixes  and Terminlogy.


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