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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Medical Transcription Important Terminologies and Meanings

This article gives meanings of some important, often using medical terminologies used in anatomy and physiology of human body.  We will see those one by one now.

1.  Tremor - Shivering or shaking of any part of the body.

2.  Stature - Height or growth.

3.  Motility - Movement.

4.  Exophthalmus - Protrusion of eyeball.

5.  Goitre - Enlargement of thyroid gland.

6.  Edema - Collection of fluid.

7.  Tachycardia - Increased heart rate.

8.   Bradycardia - Decreased heart rate.

9.  Insomnia - Reduced sleep.

10.  Hoarseness - Husky voice.

11.  Menorrhagia - Increased menstrual flow.

12.  Amenorrhea - Decreased menstrual flow.

13.  Hypothyroidism - Decreased secretion of thyroid hormones.

14.  Hyperthyroidism - Increased secretion of thyroid hormones.

15.  Adenoma - Tumor.

16.  Tumor - Swelling.

17.  Cretinism - Hypothyroidism in children.

18.  Myxedema - Severe hypothyroidism in adults.

In the next post, we will see more medical terms and meanings.

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