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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Degrees of Comparison in English Grammar

In the last lesson this post we would learn the remaining portion of adjective.  This posts explains about Degrees of Comparison.  We are learning Medical Transcription Course for Free here.
Degrees of Adjectives: The adjectives which we are using in simple are said to be in positive degree. There are two more degrees. They are comparative degree and superlative degree. In most of the comparative degrees we add the letters er, ier to the positive degree and for the superlative degrees we add the letters est, iest to the positive degree. For adjectives of multi syllables or long words, we add more (or less) for the comparatives and most (or least) for superlatives like this,
Let us see some of the words and their degrees of comparison.

SL.NO POSITIVE                       COMPARATIVE                        SUPERLATIVE
1.          Sweet                                Sweeter                                       Sweetest
2.           Happy                              Happier                                       Happiest
3.           Brave                               Braver                                         Bravest
4.           Long                                Longer                                         Longest
5.           Sad                                  Sadder                                          Saddest
6.           Hot                                  Hotter                                           Hottest
7.           Young                             Younger                                       Youngest
8.           Wealthy                           Wealthier                                     Wealthiest
9.           Great                                Greater                                         Greatest
10.         Abnormal                        More abnormal                             Most abnormal
11.         Cheerful                          More cheerful                                Most cheerful
12.         Favourable                      More favourable                            Most favourable
13.         Negligent                        More negligent                              Most negligent
14.         Useful                             More useful                                    Most useful
15.         Unfortunate                     More unfortunate                           Most unfortunate
16.         Troublesome                   More troublesome                          Most troublesome
17.         Useful                             More useful                                     Most useful
18.         Expensive                       More expensive                               Most expensive
19.         Expensive                       Less expensive                               Least expensive
20.         Impressive                       Less impressive                             Least impressive
21.         Colourful                        Less colourful                                 Least colourful

But for some of the adjectives, the comparatives and superlatives ar totally different words with different spellings and without any relationship to the positive degree. Such adjectives are only a few.
Sl. No.              Positive                         Comparative                       Superlative
1.                      Good                              Better                                 Best
2.                      Bad, Evil, Ill                  Worse                                 Worst
3.                      Little                              Less, Lesser                        Least
4.                      Far                                 Farther                                 Farthest
5.                      Much                             More                                    Most
6.                      Many                             More                                    Most

Every adjective can be written into three categories.  The next article will explain more about Comparative Degree.

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