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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In this post, we will learn about musculoskeletal pathological conditions. Okay. Come on.
Human musculoskeletal system consists of bones that form the outline of the human body.  Movement happens in the human body only when bones move with muscles by the reaction of action commands from the nerves from the central nervous system and brain.  Even the bones are tougher comparing other organ systems in the body, they also are affected by many disease conditions like cancers and fractures and other conditions.  In this post, we will see about all types of fractures one by one now.

Fracture happens when one unexpectedly breaks his or her bone due to any intentional or unintentional activities like accident, attacks, falls, or due to thinning of bones due to less calcium in them.  Fractures in the bones are of eight types such as simple fracture or closed fracture, compound or open fracture, pathological fracture, Colles’ fracture, comminuted fracture, compression fracture, greenstick fracture, and impacted fracture.  We will see about one by one now.

1.  Simple fracture or closed fracture:  In this type of fracture, a bone is broken without making any wounds on the skin surface. 

2.  Compound or open fracture:   In this type of fracture, the skin surface shows an open wound due to injury or any other causes with fracture.

3.  Pathologic fracture:  This type of fracture is happened by the weakness of the bones and the other cartilages surround it by any disease condition.

4.  Comminuted fracture:  In this type of fracture the bone is flattened and is fragmented by any causes.

5.  Colles’ fracture:  This fracture happens mainly in the wrists generally at the inferior edge of the radius of the bone.

6.  Compression fracture:  This type of fracture happens generally the vertebral bones.  The bones get compressed into each other in the vertebrae and so fracture of the bones happen.

7.  Greenstick fracture:  In this type of fracture, a bone is incompletely broken and partially curved or crooked on the opposite side after fracture happened.  This looks like a broken greenstick in appearance and so the name was given to this type of fracture.

8.  Impacted fracture:  In this type of fracture, one piece of bone is forced to intimidate in to the other bone.

In the next post we will deal about cancerous conditions of bones. Okay. Come on.

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