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Friday, February 5, 2010


In this post let us learn briefly about the types of Cardiovascular drugs
1. Statins:- These drugs are used to lower cholesterol in human body system. If the diet cannot be controlled through diet and exercises then doctors prescribe the different types of statins.
2. Diuretics:- These drugs are helpful to reduce fluid retention, blood pressure though they are not first line blood pressure medications. When the heart work harder these drugs reduces workload of heart.
3. Anticoagulants:- These drugs are used to prevent blood clotting. To shorten our future risk this drugs are regularly used.
4. Anti-platelet:- These drugs are preferred to anticoagulants and the mostly used medication is aspirin.
5. Beta-blockers:- These drugs have more uses. They are helpful in controlling blood pressure, slow fast arrhythmias and reduce chest pain associated with angina. The different types of beta-blockers are helpful to control heart disease symptoms.
6. Digitalis:- These drugs are used to stimulate the heart to beat more forcefully. Those who are suffering from arrhythmias may require this type of drugs and also used for the person who is in congestive heart failure.
7. Vasodilators:- These drugs raise blood pressure and are used in cardiac and respiratory failure and in bronchial asthma and to prolong the action of local anesthetics.
.8. Calcium channel blockers:- These drugs are also useful in the treatment of some forms of angina. It is also prescribed to treat certain arrhythmias or high blood pressure.
9. ACE (Angiotensin converting enzymes):- These inhibitors decrease blood supply to the heart and may lower blood pressure but these increase heart function.
Endocrine drugs:- These drugs acts like naturally occurring hormones. Androgens are male hormones used in male hormone replacement or to treat endometriosis and breast cancer in women. Estrogens are female hormones that are used for symptoms associated with menopause also called estrogen replacement therapy and also used for preventing postmenopausal osteoporosis. An antiestrogen drug is tamoxifen which is used to prevent recurrence of breast cancer.
In the next post we would learn about the different types of endocrine drugs. Okay.
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