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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Medical Terminology Course

This is the continuation of medical terminology lesson prior to this post. Now, we will see more important medical terms used in medial transcription field.

1. Mono - One or single

2.  Poly- - More than one

3.  Hema- - Pertaining to blood

4.  Intra- - Within

5.  Hyper- - Above excessive

6. Nephro- - Pertaining to kidneys

7.  -opsy - To view

8.  Ichthyo- - Pertaining to fish

9.  -ectomy - Excisin of part or all of an organ

10.  Myelo- - Pertaining to spinal cord

11.  -plexy - A stroke or seizure

12.  Myo- - Pertaining to muscle

13.  Neo- - New

14.  Infra- - Situated below or beneath

15.  Pseudo- - False

In the next post, we will learn more medial terminology suffixes and prefixes. Okay.

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