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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


1. –pathy means disease condition-
cardiomyopathy-disease condition of the heart muscles

2. –penia means deficiency
erythropenia-deficiency or RBC

3. –phobia means fear
acrophobia-fear of heights
agoraphobia- fear of crowds and market place

4. –plasia means development, formation, growth
achondroplasia-malformation of cartilage of bones

5. –plasty means surgical repair
angioplasty-surgical repair in the blood vessels

6. –ptosis means drooping, sagging
blepharoptosis-sagging or falling of the eyelids

7. scleosis means hardening
arteriosclerosis-hardening of blood vessels or arteries

8. –scope means instrument for visual examination
laparascope-instrument for viewing abdomen

9. –scopy means process of visual examination
laparoscrope-process of visual examination of the abdomen

10. –stasis means stopping, controlling
metastasis-spreading beyond control

11. –stomy means opening to form a mouth
tracheostomy-forming an opening in the windpipe

12. –therapy means treatment
hydrotherapy-treatment with water
chemotherapy-treatment with drugs
radiotherapy-treatment with x-rays

13. –tomy means incision, to cut into
laparotomy-incision into the abdomen

14. –trophy means nourishment, development
hypertrophy-excessive development
atrophy-no development
In the next lesson we will see about shorter suffixes and adjective suffixes..ok

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