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Friday, March 25, 2011

Musculoskeletal System Important Abbreviations - Lesson 236

“Hard work is the best investment for success” this proverb suits for success in any field. In this way, many are doing hard works to achieve success in the MT field, all the best for them, but I also suggest your work should be smart in addition to be hard, then only success will be very easy. In the venture of learning free medical transcription course online, we are going to see one more important lesson of Important Musculoskeletal Abbreviations now. These abbreviations used in this lesson are used by the doctors when they dictate a transcription dictation for a patient and these terms are used on a daily basis by them.  So you should be familiarized with these items and mug up them too and this will help you when you do practice files or live files online.  Shall we move to the lesson now. Come on.

ANA, which we can extend as Antinuclear Antibody, this test assesses the sum of auto-antibodies, which have harmed the tissues of the body.  C1-C7 – This denotes 7 bones of the cervical spine. Ca is used to denote the mineral calcium. CPK is used to denote creatinine phosphokinase.  CPK is an enzyme, which found mostly in the skeletal muscles, heart muscles, and brain tissues.

CTS is another term that can be extended as carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS is an disease condition that is created by the pressure on the median nerve in the wrist areas like typewriting on the keyboard for a longtime and that can be corrected by a small surgery or by physical therapies. DTR is an important musculoskeletal abbreviation and that can be made bigger as deep tendon reflexes. This is the stretch reflexes of deep tendons.

EMG is abbreviated form of electromyography.  This is a visual examination of recording of skeletal muscles electrical movements. ESR can be extended as erythrocyte sedimentation rate.  The rate at which erythrocytes or red blood cells deposit at the bottom of the blood serum is calculated using this test.

In the next lesson, we will learn about the rest of the important musculoskeletal abbreviations. Okay. Come on.

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