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Thursday, January 14, 2010


1. Magnetic resonance imaging- A magnetic ground radio signals are used to outline sagittal, coronal, and axial pictures of the body.
2. Megavoltage- High-energy radiation engendered by means of an equipment and employed in restorative x-ray analysis intended for cancer.
3. Nuclear medicine- This is a medical speciality, which examines and employs of radioactive materials called radionuclides within identification and treatment of ailment.
4. Orthovoltage- Emission of low-energy radioactive waves that are employed in pain-killing radiation therapy and exterior skin cancer diseases.
5. Palliative- Means just soothing or painkilling, not curing completely that is not possible.
6. PET scan or positron emission tomography- Radioactive materials are administered using intravenous route and these substances give out positrons. They generate a cross-sectional picture of the metabolism of the body. These images symbolize local concentration of the radioactive material administered.
7. Radiation Oncology- This is a speciality of medicine that studies and provides treatment of tumors utilizing radiation of high-energy (radiotherapy).
8. Rad- Radiation absorbed dose, a measurement of radiation dose administered.
9. Radioimmunoassay- This is an examination that blends the utilization of antibodies, as well as radioactive substances to become aware of microscopic amount of materials in the blood.
10. Radioisotope- A radioactive mode of a material called radionuclide.
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