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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adverb - Parts of Speech

What is adverb?

Adverb is a part of speech in a sentence that strengthens the action of a verb (action). It will come next to the noun always.

How can we identify an ADVERB in a sentence?

As an adverb increases the action of an action in a sentence, it should describe to the interrogative questions such as HOW (HOW much, HOW often, HOW long, and HOW far), WHEN, and WHERE. The particular word that gives answer to that question in a sentence is ADVERB.


1. Private buses in our country travel SWIFT.  (buses travel HOW?).
2. Do your home work FAST. (do the home work HOW?)
3. Devi and Ramu have been loving each other since their CHILDHOOD. (they love HOW long)
4. Ambani is the RICHEST man. (HOW is he)
5. News comes EVERY ONE HOUR in this channel.  (news come HOW often)

Usage of “THERE” as an adverb:

There introduces a subject in a sentence temporarily. This works as a temporary subject in a sentence. When we use there with a subject in a sentence, it works a temporary subject.

1. THERE were great poets in Europe once upon a time.
2. THERE is only one brave man in the story that is Alexander.
3. THERE are many car achievers in the multilevel marketing scheme in our city.


1. Sometimes a noun or an adjective can also be used as an ADVERB. These are the words that questions a sentence of HOW, WHEN, and WHERE.
2. Any part of speech in a sentence can be used as ADVERBS.
3. Among single word adverbs there are also adverb phrases and clauses.

In the next lesson, we will learn more about adverb phrases and clauses, okay

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