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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cochlear Hearing Implants - Lesson 293

In this blog post, we are going to learn about cochlear hearing implants and their usage in persons with hearing difficulty.  Cochlear hearing implant is a machine that permits a person with hearing deficiency to hear the words of others who speak to him or her. Now, we will see the structure of the device. Cochlear hearing is made up of with a microphone, speech processor, sound transmitter, and a sound receiver. This useful device can be set near the mastoid process behind the ears. How does this work? This device transmits electrical indications to electrodes that are implanted inside the cochlear hearing implant that is held within the cochlea and those electrical indications or signals excite the hearing nerves that are attached to the brain. Microphone picks up the sound from the surroundings. Voice processor alters the sounds by selection from the microphone. Sound transmitter changes the sound waves into electrical signals. The receiver collects the electrical signals and send them to the auditory nerve and nerves pass the sounds to the brain to understand.

Cochlear Implant Surgery:  We will now see more about cochlear hearing implants.  To get the help of cochlear help, one should get trained by therapy. This device is useful for person with hearing difficulty from the medium level to high level. Even children are set with these implants. If the hearing deficit is due to the sensory nerve malfunction in the cochlea, the hearing ability can be restored by setting the implant device. The hearing ability is not clear as natural voice, but somewhat helpful with medium quality sound. Cochlear implant can be set by a surgical process.

Cost of Cochlear Implant:  Normally the cost of cochlear implant surgery consists of pre-surgical assessment charges, the cost of the device, surgical equipment setting fees, and post-surgical rehabilitation charges. It may cost up to 39000 US dollars. In short, cochlear hearing implants are an essential equipment for persons with hearing ability even if it costs somewhat costly.

In the next post, we will learn about Otoscopy procedure. Okay. Come on.

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