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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pneumatic Otoscopy - Lesson 294

Otoscopy procedure is a kind of visual examination to examine the ears. To perform this visual exam, a device is used named as otoscope. These otoscopes are used even in normal body check-ups to find out any diseases in the ears. Using otoscope device, the physician can test both the outer ear and the middle ear areas. It consists of a hand grip and a head portion to insert into the ears. A lens is attached to the head portion to magnify the ear portions during the visual examination. Earwax or cerumen is also removed using this called ear cleaning. There are two types of otoscope instruments. They are portable kind and other is mounted on walls of the clinic. This instrument is useful in finding out diseases like otitis media and otitis externa, and/or any other germ infections by bacteria in the external ear or in the middle ear. Otoscopy procedure is also used sometimes to check the nose and/or throat too with ears.

Pneumatic otoscopy is a procedure useful in evaluating the mobility of tympanic membranes in the ears. Tympanic membrane is termed in short as TM. Mobility in tympanic membranes may happen due to the pressure changes inside the ears. Pneumatic otoscopy can be done using an instrument called pneumatic otoscope. This instrument also consists of a lens in the head portion with a light attached with a rubber bulb attachment. Sometimes due to the accumulation of water-like material inside the ears, the mobility of the tympanic membrane is affected. This can be visualized easily using pneumatic otoscopy instrument.

Video Otoscopy: In video otoscopy procedure, a video monitor is attached to the otoscope instrument and the images of the ear is visually monitored at the same time while testing the ears. Video otoscopy is termed in short as VO. External and middle ears and tympanic membranes can be examined in the computer monitor.

In the next lesson, we will learn about Tuning Fork Tests. Okay. Come on.

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