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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Equilibrium and Inner Ear - Lesson 280

In this post, we will learn about inner ear equilibrium. We all know already that human ear has three parts, such as, outer ear or pinna, middle ear, and inner ear. Each ear has its own significance in sending sound waves from our surroundings to the brain. The inner ear is an important area in maintaining equilibrium in the brain. What is equilibrium? Equilibrium is the feeling of balance. Balance of being is maintained by the inner ear. If one is off balance, then that state is called dizziness. Dizziness is purely a physical state and this equilibrium is maintained by three canals in the inner ear. Now we will see in detail about this now.

Inner Ear Equilibrium Problems: Inner ear has three organs that are responsible for balance. The name of these three semicircular tubes are semicircular canals, saccule, and utricle respectively. These three tubes contain a liquid named as endolymph and small sensitive hair like cells inside it. When we move head, this liquid is fluctuated because of the movement of the head. Due to this fluctuation, impulses are formed within the hair cells and so the vibration is transformed to the brain. Then the communication from the brain is sent to the muscle cells in all parts of the body and so inner ear equilibrium is maintained.

Auditory Receptors:   In the inner ear, the auditory liquids and auditory receptors are present inside an organ named organ of Corti in the labyrinth. Due to the problem in the inner ear, we are getting some abnormal conditions, such as benign positional vertigo, Miniere's disease, labyrinthitis or any other tumors. Benign positional vertigo is a disease condition of inner ear equilibrium. In the next lesson, we will learn about vocabularies of eyes and ears. Okay. Come on.

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