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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Immunization Schedule for Babies - Lesson 290

Immunization schedule for babies is an important thing to maintain a child to prevent from some dangerous infections from viruses and also to maintain immunity. Immune vaccine shots should be applied to all children on a timely basis and should be followed by parents very carefully without fail. Now we will see the types of vaccines. There are BCG vaccines, DPT vaccine, oral polio vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, hemophilus influence type b vaccine, MMR vaccine (Mumps, measles, rubella), TT or tetanus vaccine. All these seven types of vaccines must be given to any child in certain time periods without any delay. Now we will see your baby's age and the vaccine for the age in weeks to months one by one. On birth of a child, BCG vaccine, oral polio and hepatitis B vaccine should be administered. 

After the six weeks, DPT first one dose and oral polio second dose also should be administered along with hepatitis B vaccine second dose and hemophilus influence type b vaccine. Once the child's age reaches 10 weeks,  the child should be given DPT second dose, oral polio vaccine third dose and again hemophilus influence type b vaccine second dose. After 10 weeks of child birth, oral polio vaccine third dose, hemophilus influence type b second dose and DPT third dose are to be administered. After completing 14 weeks, any infant must be administered with oral polio vaccine fourth dose along with hemophilus influence type b vaccine third dose.

Once any infant attains six months to nine months of age, it should be given oral polio fifth dose with hepatitis B vaccine third dose. After 9 months of age, any child should be injected measles vaccine and hepatitis A vaccine booster. After 1 year of age, the child should be given varicella chickenpox vaccine and MMR or measles, mumps, rubella vaccine. After the age of 15 months to 18 months, the child should be provided with DPT booster dose first dose with oral polio vaccine of sixth dose. After above 5 years of age, second dose of DPT booster with polio vaccine seventh dose should be given. After 10 years of age, TT or tetanus third booster dose and hepatitis B vaccine booster dose should be given. After 16 years of age, TT or tetanus fourth booster dose should be administered.

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