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Friday, December 23, 2016

20 Important Endocrinology Related Medical Terms

This post gives a list of important Endocrinology related medical words.

1.  Chelating agents - Multidentate ligand

2.  Thrombolytic - related to treat dissolving dangerous clots in blood vessels

3.  Streptokinase - used to dissolve blood clots formed in the blood vessels

4.  Urokinase - plasminogen activator

5.  Sodium oxalate - a sodium salt

6.  Sodium citrate - a sodium salt

7.  Ammonium citrate - citric acid salt

8.  Hemarthrosis - bleeding into joint spaces

9.  Ecchymosis - discoloration of the skin from bruising

10.  Contraindication - a treatment or drug should not be used for patient for a particular reason

11.  Hemorrhoid - discomfort because of swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus

12.  Thyroid gland - Large ductless gland in the neck

13.  Endocrine - related to eight ductless glands in the body

14.  Histology - study of tissues

15.  Secretion - production of any discharge from a gland, cell, or an organ

16.  Lobes - anatomical divisions of any organ i.e. thyroid lobes

17.  Isthmus - piece of tissue that connects two large parts

18.  Colloid - non-crystalline substance made up of large molecules

19.  Cuboidal epithelium - cube-like epithelial cells

20.  Calcitonin - thyrocalcitonin hormone

We will see another important endocrinological medical terms in the next post.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Medical Transcription Important Terminologies and Meanings

This article gives meanings of some important, often using medical terminologies used in anatomy and physiology of human body.  We will see those one by one now.

1.  Tremor - Shivering or shaking of any part of the body.

2.  Stature - Height or growth.

3.  Motility - Movement.

4.  Exophthalmus - Protrusion of eyeball.

5.  Goitre - Enlargement of thyroid gland.

6.  Edema - Collection of fluid.

7.  Tachycardia - Increased heart rate.

8.   Bradycardia - Decreased heart rate.

9.  Insomnia - Reduced sleep.

10.  Hoarseness - Husky voice.

11.  Menorrhagia - Increased menstrual flow.

12.  Amenorrhea - Decreased menstrual flow.

13.  Hypothyroidism - Decreased secretion of thyroid hormones.

14.  Hyperthyroidism - Increased secretion of thyroid hormones.

15.  Adenoma - Tumor.

16.  Tumor - Swelling.

17.  Cretinism - Hypothyroidism in children.

18.  Myxedema - Severe hypothyroidism in adults.

In the next post, we will see more medical terms and meanings.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

3 Things to Know About the Difference Between a Heart Attack and a Cardiac Arrest

As a medical transcription learner, you must know about the difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack. The three important things between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack.

Heart Attack:
1.  Heart attack means blood flow to the heart from other organs or parts of the body is hindered by any blockage in the blood arteries, and heart attack happens.
2.  In heart attack, the heart beats will not stop necessarily immediately.
3.  Heart attack is just a problem of circulation of blood.

Cardiac Arrest:
1.  Cardiac arrest means a sudden stoppage of heart beats due to malfunction in the heart and so blood supply is affected to the vital organs such as brain, lungs, and kidneys etc.
2.  In cardiac arrest, the heart beat stops immediately.
3.  Cardiac arrest is a problem of the electrical conduction inside the heart.

In the next post, we will study about what is ECMO and its uses. Okay.

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