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Monday, March 21, 2011


Photon Absorptiometry:  This is one kind of visual examination, in which, one kind of rays that resemble x-rays are navigated through bones and the instrument gauges the speed or quality of the infiltration of the rays inside the bones. This test is used to measure the density of bones to find a disease called osteoporosis, a disease of abnormal thinning of bones due to less bone density.

Arthroplasty:  This is a surgical treatment method of a joint. For example, total knee arthroplasty is a complete knee replacement surgical procedure to replace the damaged or diseased portions of the knee. Prostheses or artificial devices are used to do fix the bone areas after the surgery.

Electromyography:  This is a method of visual examination of the joints, in which electrical stimulation is passed to the joints and so record the potency or strength of muscle contraction due to the electrical stimulation.

Arthroscopy:  This is a visual examination of joints especially the interior portions of the bones of the joints.  An instrument called endoscope is used to perform arthroscopy.  Whenever a surgery is performed, the instruments used to do the surgery is entered into the arthroscope and then the surgical process is done to either to take away any tissue portions or to put back together of any joint.

Arthrocentesis:  This is a surgical course of action of the joint gaps.  In this, a needle is used to perform the surgical process to take away the fluid called synovial fluid from the joint spaces for the visual examination of an abnormal condition.

Bone Scan:  This is a visual examination procedure of musculoskeletal system, in which a radioactive material of phosphate in administered inside the joint intravenously.  This material is then taken up in the bone and the disease or abnormal condition of the bone is detected using the movement of the radioactive material using a scan machine.  This procedure is called bone scan. The diseased area will likely absorb more radioactive material, which is the indication that the area of uptake has an inflammation or any infection or any tumors inside.

Arthrography:  This is a visual examination of the joints.  Arthro- means joint, -graphy means visual examination. X-ray is used to analyze the joints for diseases or any other abnormal conditions. X-ray films of the joints are also taken after the administration of an contrast opaque material inside the joint via an injection.  The path of the contrast material is traced to reveal the abnormal conditions.

Muscle Biopsy:  This is one type of visual examination, in which a small piece of muscle tissue is removed from the skin and this tissue is examined under the microscope for any identification of abnormalities or diseases.

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