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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Now we will see about important musculoskeletal system vocabularies:

1.  Acromion – This is the outward extension of the shoulder bone.  Acromion creates the shoulder tip.

2.  Calcium – The important and major mineral element of the bones.

3.  Cranial bones – The another name for cranial bones are skull bones.  Temporal bone, sphenoid bone, parietal bone, occipital bone, frontal bone, and ethmoid bone are the names of the skull bones.

4.  Articular cartilage – These are the ends of long bones made up of a thin layer of cartilage.

5.  Cancellous bone – This is a porous and trabecular tissue of bones. Cancellous bone is spongy in structure.

6.  Cartilage tissue – This is a flexible and chewy connective tissue.  Cartilage tissue is found on joint surfaces.  This is also found in the embryonic skeleton.

7.  Condyle – This is a knuckle like process.  This structure is present at the end of a bone near the joint.

8.  Acetabulum – This is a socket like rounded structure in the pelvic bone.  In the acetabulum pelvis bone joins with the thigh bone.

9.  Diaphysis – This is long in structure.  This is the middle portion of the bone called shaft.

10.  Compact bone – This is a dense and hard bone tissue.

In the next post, we will learn about more musculoskeletal system vocabularies. Okay.

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