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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Laser Eye Surgeries - Lesson 277

In this post, we will see about the eye treatment procedures, such as vitrectomy, keratoplasty, laser photocoagulation, and scleral buckle methods. Keratoplasty surgery is a method of transplanting the cornea inside the eye. This surgical process is also known as corneal graft method. In this method, the cornea is replaced with a normal cornea that can transparent well and so the vision is restored. If the cornea is replaced entirely, the surgical process is named as penetrating keratoplasty. If the cornea is replaced partially only, then the process is called as lamellar keratoplasty. The cornea is donated if a man orwoman dies by accidents or any other reason and they donate their cornea with their own consent.

In laser photocoagulation method, many eye diseases are treated. In this, the blood vessels inside the eye is cauterized using laser light waves. The laser light used in this method is known as argon laser beams. These beams stimulate the blood vessels inside the eye. Diabetic retinopathy is treated in this way. Senile macular degeneration is also treated using laser method. The blood vessels are sealed using laser and so the leakage of blood is stopped and also any unusual growth of blood vessels is also rectified.

In the scleral buckle method, a suture of silicone band is formed directly on the retinal detachment and so the retinal tear is rectified. The scleral buckle attaches two ends of the retina together. Usually retinal tears are created due to retinal detachments inside eyes.

In the vitrectomy method of surgery, the vitreous humor is replaced with another clear liquid. Simply the vitreous humor liquid inside the eye is removed using vitrectomy. In an unusual condition, the scar tissue and the blood vessels are gathered together in the vitreous humor and this may happen mostly due to retinopathy disease during diabetis called diabetic retinopathy. Vitrectomy is of two types, such as anterior vitrectomy and pars plana vitrectomy. If only small portions of the anterior vitreous humor is removed, it is known as anterior vitrectomy. If this procedure is performed in a deep level inside the eye and so entire vitreous humor is removed.

In the next lesson we will learn about anatomy of the ear and some abbreviations. Okay. Come on.

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