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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Medical Transcription Important Suffixes and Prefixes - Lesson 314

In this post, we will see about important suffixes and prefixes that are used in medical transcription. Even there are thousands of prefixes and suffixes, all medical transcriptionists should memorize these words. They are used often in all live files by physicians everyday. Please understand meaning of each word. Now we will about one by one now.

1. -tomy means cutting or incision

2.  -graphy means process of writing or process of recording

3.  oligo- means scanty or deficient

4.  super- means above or excessive

5.  inter- means between

6. -uria means pertaining to write

7. -pathy means disease

8.  post- means after

9.  -plasia means development or formation

10. -algia means denoting a painful condition

11. -osis means a condition, usually an abnormal condition

12. -rrhea means pertaining to flow or discharge

13. meno- means pertaining to menses

14. crypto- means hidden or concealed

15. myco- means fungal

16. mono- means one or single

17. poly- means more than one

18. hema- means pertaining to blood

19. intra- means within

20. hyper- means above or excessive

In the next post, we will see more important prefixes and suffixes. Okay.

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