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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Aims of Studying Medical Language

1.  The primary objective of studying medical language is UNDERSTANDING a complex term to be simply understood and make the student easier to understand it. If a student cannot understand the term, they may want to remember it only by mugging up the medical terms, which is hard.

2.  A medical term may be a simple one or may one complicated term, either needs to be understood to understand the medical science by a student or a reader.

3.  Each medical term is organized into parts such that each part of the term can be used with other words to give different meanings.  Eg. aden/o is a prefix that means gland, and it can be used with other prefix words to give different meaning related to a gland. For example, adenoma means mass of the gland. Adenitis is inflammation of a gland.  Understand.

4.  In this way, any term need not to be memorized, anyone who can understand the meaning changes with variations can never forget any medical term that they studied once by understanding with meanings.

5.  Though some medical terms like ilium and ileum have the same pronounciations, they differ in meanings. One student of medical language must be very careful about these variations with sameness.

In the next lesson, we will see more medical terms with more examples.  Home Page.

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