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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Medical Terminology for Ear - Lesson 285

Ear is the important organ in the body and in the medical language, there are many words related to it. We will see some important medical terminology for ear in this post.

Ot/o means ear. Otomycosis is an abnormal condition of ear infection by a fungus. Otolaryngologist is a specialist who specializes in earn and larynx treatment.

Ossicul/o means ossicle. Ossiculoplasty is a surgical procedure of reconstruction of ossicle.

Myring/o means eardrum. Myringotomy is a surgical procedure to correct the eardrum.

Staped/o means stapes. Stapes is the third bone of the middle ear. Stapedectomy is the surgical correction of stapes bone in the middle ear.

Salping/o means auditory tube. The other name of auditory tube is eustachian tube. Salpingopharyngeal fold is a mucous membrane that is extended from the beneath of torus tubarius.

Tympan/o means middle ear. The other meaning is eardrum. Tympanoplasty is the surgical procedure done to correct the eardrum.

On the day to day life of a medical transcription professional, he or she is in the position to hear these terminologies dictated by the physicians or their registered nurses everyday. Every learner should memorize these words before starting the voice file tests. It should be learnt to how to pronounce each medical word and their meaning and their exact spelling. Then only the listening skill will improve. From the next post, we will learn about some important suffixes of ear and some abnormal disease conditions of ears. Okay. Come on.

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