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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Successful Medical Transcriptionist Secrets

Purpose of medical transcription:  Medical Transcription is a process of converting voice file from a physician to a word document after hearing the voice by a medical transcriptionist via computer with the use of a headset and computer. We may wonder what is the purpose of medical transcription, it is nothing, but every physician must submit a legal document to the government for insurance claim purpose of the patient about what treatment was done at particular time period with all details about the disease condition, causes of the disease or injury, the treatment done for it, the medication prescribed for it, and the follow-up details, and any other surgical procedure done to a particular patient. So dictating and recording about a particular patient’s medical history and other details via a Dictaphone is an essential activity for a physician or his assistant. This dictation of a particular patient should be converted into a word document after it was heard and understood and written neatly in a specific template provided by the physician or a clinic or even a hospital to him with 100% accuracy.

Eligibility Criteria for a Medical Transcriptionist:  Anyone who is fluent in English grammar and sentence structure with listening skills are eligible to be a medical transcriptionist, but good grammar and understanding of medical terminologies are essential things to be known.  By 4 to 6 months training, anyone can learn medical terminologies in any good institution.  Typing skills are the other important thing to be learnt, approximately 45 words per minute is an essential thing. In brief, anyone with good listening skills and English grammar fluency, knowledge in medical terminologies and diseases and symptoms with 45-WPM typing skills can start their career in lucrative American transcription.  This article deals about how to be a successful medical transcriptionist.

Earning Difference Among Medical Transcriptionists:  After good training from any good institution anywhere in the world, one can sharpen the above skills that need to be a medical transcriptionist, but all MTs are not successful equally because their skills and writing skills differ from MT to MT and so their accuracy skills differ and so their income also differ from person to person. Some earn only $100 per month, some early $400, and some earn $2000 or more, but they are all in general called medical transcriptionists, why, because their accuracy of work and the speed of work differ from person to person. One may have been doing transcription for 10 years or more, but the accuracy level gets saturated at one level, but some earn more because their level of proficiency has reached to the optimum level.

Tricks and Techniques to be a Successful Earner in MT field:   I will order the essential techniques to boost the income to an MT one by one now.

1.  Voice Level:  One MT should create a habit of hearing a dictation in many speed levels.  Some dictators speak very clearly and slowly, they are the favorite dictators in the MT field for all, but some dictators dictate in a very fast manner with native slang usage, and these dictators are the villains for the MTs, and some dictators dictate in a medium speed and clarity. So we can divide the dictators based on their voice level into three categories, easy, moderate, and tough.  Anyone can type easy dictations, so we will give more importance to the moderate and tough dictators here.  If you feel one dictation is somewhat tough to understand, you should reduce the speed of the dictation to 100% normal level default to 95%, 90%, or even 85% or even less, then hear the voice again fully and type what you hear. In this way more dictations can be understood and typed. Don’t lessen the speed for easy dictations.

2.  Use of Google Search:  A dictator may pronounce any phrase of sentences that we do not know before this, in this condition, we should search that phrase in Google with a quote symbol before and after the phrase.  In this way, any phrase can be identified using Google search engine in your browser.

3. Usage of Drug Book:  Practicing a custom of using drug books always to know the name and dosage is an very very important thing for an MT to get succeed and get a good name in the MT field. This will avoid confusions regarding dosage, some dictators may spell wrongly the dosage details and so reference is very important for an MT.  Referring authoritative sources is an important duty of an medical transcriptionist.

4.  Getting Help from Crew Members or friends:  While doing live files of the doctors’ dictations, accuracy is the backbone.  So whenever reference fails to solve the problem in dictation, you should ask help from your friends or other senior members of the company to listen the audio in a particular place to clarify your doubt to crack the blank of that particular place in the audio. Never hesitate to ask help from other transcriptionist near to you or online.

5.  Proofreading:  After typing a dictation, you should not submit it with any hesitations; you must proofread it again once hearing it again to check for any blunders done unknowingly or any typographical errors and the usage of drug names and their dosages.  After the enough proofread, you can submit it.

6. Keep Other Offline Materials Near:  It is good to keep offline materials like drug books, any other dictionaries, or notes near the working computer to reference it immediately when the need arises, and this will save the time and helpful to submit the files in turn-around time called TAT.

7.  Involve in Recreational Activities:  As medical transcription is a stressful job, after the work is over, MT should involve in some recreational activities like going out with friends, movies, or any cruise in bikes or cars, and any other activity that one likes.  This will give good refreshment to the brain and keep one fresh.

8.  Need of Physical Exercises:  Everyday 30 minutes physical exercises is an important thing for a professional medical transcriptionist like yoga, cycling, running, jogging, or gym workouts of any sort. Use hand and fingers exercise and backbone exercises to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and neck bone stiffness due to long-hour sitting in the computer.

In the above five ways, you can avoid mistakes and get a good name in the field.  You can earn more money and promotions in your company to attain great heights in the medical transcription field.  All the Best.

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