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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Omission of 'To' in a Sentence

Free Medical Transcription Course blog's next lesson is centralizing the idea of what is if we omit 'To' in a sentence in English Grammar. In this post we would learn in further of “omission of to” in an infinitive – verb. A sentence which has an infinitive –verb generally divided into two parts. The are S-A-V-O/C and infinitive part.  Ex: - The teacher allowed the students “to read in the class”.
The above sentence consists of two objects, they are the S-A-V part and the other the infinitive part.
In some cases the object may combine with the infinitive part.  Ex: - “Shah had forgotten to tell you the good result”.  So each part has a verb, the two verbs are normal verb and the infinitive – verb.

If the first verb happens to be LET, FEEL, DARE, SEE, WATCH, HEAR, MAKE or HAVE  and the sentence is in the structure of S-A-V-O then the preposition “to” is to be omitted.
1. You may let your daughter walk with us.
Here LET is the first verb. If there is an infinitive – verb in the other part, then “to” must be omitted.

1. His brother will not let him go to the circus today.
2. The advocate will definitely make you submit a suit for his case.
3. We have seen her climb big heights.
4. I felt our relationship break into two parts.
5. How dare you date my sister out without my permission?
6. Yes, I had seen her take the saree from the box.
9. Father  hasn’t watched me go to cinema.

There are special verbs like help and enable. They may be followed by an infinitive verb with or without “to”.
1. “He helped us to push the car.” Or, “He helped us push the car.”
2. “He enabled us to push the car.” Or, “He enabled us push the car.”

In the next post we would learn about the “usage of infinitive –verb with HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHICH.

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