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Friday, August 27, 2010


We are learning lucrative American medical transcription course freely here in this blog.  We have crossed three systems yet and we are also going to learn all the other six systems of medical terminologies, anatomy, and physiology, and disease conditions, symptoms and signs one by one later from today onwards.  This post explains about musculoskeletal system vocabularies in one or two line format explanation, no way, this subject should be taught in this way only.  You may use any medical dictionary available online for free or any other good one to know more about these explanations in it.

1.  Fontanelle:  This is a soft spot present between the cranial or skull bones of an infant.  This soft spot is due to incomplete formation of bones in the cranium.

2.  Fissure:  This is an opening between bones.  This opening is a narrow opening.

3.  Facial bones:  These are the bones of the face.  The names of the facial bones are lacrimal, mandible, maxillae, nasal, vomer, and zygomatic.

4.  False ribs:  These are the rib bones of the number 8 to 10.

5.  Epiphysis:  This is the end portion of a long bone.

6.  Epiphyseal plate:  This plate is cartilaginous area at the ends of long bones where lengthwise growth takes place.
7.  Disk or disc:  This is a rounded, flat, plate-like structure in the vertebral column.  These are between the vertebrae bones.  Each disk is a fibrocartilaginous substance.
8.  Floating bones:  These are the rib bones from the number 11 to 12.

9.  Foramen:  This is an opening in bones where the blood vessels pass.  Wherefrom only nerves enter and leave outside and inside.

10.  Foramen magnum:  This is the opening in the bone of the occipital bone wherefrom the spinal cord passes.

In the next post, we will learn about more musculoskeletal system vocabularies. Okay.

Come on.

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