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Sunday, September 13, 2009



The main objective of radiation therapy is to bring the highest prescribed amount of ionizing radiation to the cancerous tissue and a negligible prescribed amount of to adjacent normal tissue. In truth this objective is easier said than done to accomplish and more often than not one believes a quantity of remaining normal cell damage. This is the consequence of the obliteration of the tumor. High quantity of prescribed amount of radiation may smash up DNA.

We will see important terms of radiation therapy one by one.

1. Radioresistant tumor: Connective tissue tumors are the majority in large amount radioresistant type of tumors. These are the cancerous growths that necessitates bulky prescribed amounts of radiation to bring into being destruction of cancerous cells. The far above the ground prescribed amounts of radiation possibly will have a injurious consequence on adjacent good cells.

2. Electron beams: Low-energy beams for management of skin or surface cancerous growths.

3. Radiocurable tumor: A cancerous growth of a tumor that can be from top to bottom exterminated by this type of radiation method. Radiocurable tumors are by and large confined to a small area cancerous growths with no substantiation of spread to adjacent tissues.

4. Linear accelerator: A hefty electronic piece of equipment that brings into being high-energy x-ray beams for treatment of inherent cancerous growths.

5. Radiosensitizers: These are the drugs have an effect of increased the sensitivity of tumors in the direction of x-rays.

6. Fractionation: A process of providing radiation in diminutive, recurring prescribed amounts of doses more willingly than a small number o any large prescribed amount of doses. This method of radiation therapy consents to larger full amount of prescribed amounts of doses to get with a smaller amount injury to the adjacent normal tissue.

7. Radiosensitive tumor: The foundation or source of these tumors have hematopoietic and lymphatic starting points. In this type of tumors radiation can make happen
destruction of cells without any smash up to the adjacent non-cancerous cells.

In the next post we will see about Chemotherapy treatment types for treating cancer. Okay.

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